A positive outlook on COVID-19

How has this virus impacted the real estate market in your area? I know my market is suffering and enduring the repercussions of COVID-19 and I bet yours is too. So I’ll make a couple

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Keep it Simple

Have you taken the steps to simplify your real estate business?  Time is everything. If you look around and see what’s going on in the world, it only reinforces that we should value the time we have

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Dealing With Conflict in a Client Situation

Go above and beyond

Today we’re going to talk about the importance of working with co-op agents in your real estate market. Not only do I emphasize how its crucial to attract affluent clients that want to work with you

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Building an online presence

I know some real estate agents that don’t think they need a digital presence.  I ask them the question, well, if you’re going to go watch a movie do you watch the trailer first?  The

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Have you taken the first step?

How are you helping your clients take their first step? It’s important to give your clients a little push or lend them a hand when they are on the fence. Like I always say, if you

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Do the Dream Client Exercise in Your Market

Be a specialist not a generalist

Do you want to find more ways to be more efficient with your time? Today I want to focus on being a specialist rather than a generalist. I spent the majority of my career in technology sales

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Overcoming the Obstacle

Do you ever think that sometimes we have an obstacle in front of us too big to overcome? There’s a challenge. There’s an issue. There’s something that’s going to prevent us from taking action because we’re scared. We

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Are You In The Right Line?

I was recently in the airport flying back to Colorado from Fort Lauderdale and was in line for security when I thought about how this moment related to our real estate agent business. I’m a

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Fight Like Rocky

Before I tell you how to fight like rocky I want to tell you about my dinner the other night and attracting your dream clients. So the other night I had dinner with a dream

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