The Internet isn’t just a luxury, it’s a utility

I hope you had a good father’s day and spent some quality time with your family, whether that was through zoom, or enjoying the summer weather. I went on a fishing trip with my brother and nephew, which was spectacular. While we were on the river in the Rocky Mountains, I was able to do a lot of thinking, which brought to the topic of marketing. How are you being a marketer? Today it’s critical that you are being a tech-savvy individual in this age of the internet, social media, and all these different technological platforms we have available to us. You want to be able to draw in clients that you want to work with on the listing side, but especially on the seller side. Having a preview of the listings you have worked on and a little bit about your background and can be to your advantage. 

When you’re being interviewed by prospective sellers, they want to know your level of expertise and your understanding of marketing so that they can be confident that you will be able to market their home effectively. Coronavirus has demonstrated to us that the internet isn’t just a luxury, it’s a utility. In the past, I have mentioned that it’s important for us, similarly to water or electricity because it’s something that you can’t live without. It’s something you count on to make your life easier. If the internet went away, my business would be significantly impacted in a negative way. I leverage the internet in my business and if it went away, it would create an equal playing field for all the realtors I compete with. It gives me an unfair advantage and it will for you too.

 If you’re not leveraging technology in your market, then I’m just telling you that you’re making a mistake because you could really benefit. For instance, when you’re sitting across from a prospective seller and they ask you to tell them about your marketing plan, it demonstrates that you are the best agent they could choose. It makes your client trust that you know how to deliver the best value for their home in the best way possible. Generally in my market, I don’t have to go through all the details to win the business because my reputation precedes me.

Sellers who have been in the market for many years have already seen evidence of my digital marketing, the things I do to be involved in the community, and the things that I’m doing to market other properties or listings that I have. Word of mouth, referrals, references, and testimonials helped me to grow my clientele. When you spread yourself super thin, you may have a win on the other side of town that people aren’t aware of. They didn’t ever see your sign, your marketing, or your advertising. They didn’t see any of the things that you were doing to be online or offline to sell that home and represent that seller, which is why your digital footprint is super important.


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