What you need to know about 2020 and your real estate business

Unfortunately, we are still living in a coronavirus state, but I think we are beginning to slowly go back to normality. Restaurants are opening and I have heard of a few socially distanced gatherings that have taken place. Although we are beginning to reboot, I think it is terrible what happened to George Floyd and hope that our country can find a solution to the tragedy as well as all the chaos that has occurred as a result.
As a real estate agent, we have the opportunity to lead and step into the role as positive leaders in our community. The events that have taken place so far in 2020 from the fires in Australia, Coronavirus, and the protests calling for reforms and justice in regards to George Floyd have allowed people to view global issues differently. Whether it’s environmental, political, wellness, people’s values and views are changing. I talked to a lot of agents and it feels like somebody hit the reset button and we’re rebooting and it’s a chance to start over.
There’s going to be a lot of changes in the market. I want you to be prepared to be thinking differently about your market, how you can go after new markets, and how you can defend your position if you’re at the top of the market. Early on when I got my real estate license in 2009, it was the height of the recession. It was a terrible time to be in the real estate business, as you probably remember or experienced as well.
Not only was it a terrible time to be in the real estate business, but it was also a terrible time to be starting out as a real estate agent. I didn’t have any leads, zero training, very few listings, and I ultimately didn’t have any clients. Nobody knew who I was. I read some books and I studied, I went to courses, as well as conferences in order to expand my knowledge. I tried a lot of different things, but essentially I was following what the heads in the industry were saying I should be doing. One of the main tactics everyone was talking about was cold calling.
I realized it was gonna take me a long time to break through and earn the respect of the prospective clients or my dream clients that I wanted to do business with. This is when I had a very clever epiphany. There’s a statistic that I have mentioned in the past that states, “80% of all sellers don’t contact the same agent they use when they purchase their home.” This led me to the conclusion that buyers and sellers are looking for agents they can trust. I realized that I needed to communicate to people upfront that I am a trustworthy and reliable agent.
There have been a number of studies over the years and what they have found is that when someone is thinking of a beverage to purchase, most people can only remember three brands within the beverage category. It’s no different for real estate agents. You want to be one of those three so that you can be considered in their decision. You may be thinking, how can I position myself so that I am within the top three? It’s to your advantage if you’re continuously creating content online and making a name for yourself so that you can be found when buyers and sellers are conducting Google searches for agents in the area.
This allows people to get to know you and more importantly, trust you before they even meet you. If you can be a marketer first, then you can earn the trust of your prospective clients. 2020 has caused people to rethink the way they normally approach things, so take this as an opportunity to market yourself differently and make some changes. If you aren’t already portraying yourself in the digital space then build a website and or create more blog posts to get your name out there.

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