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You may be asking yourself, what is hyper-local content and how can I have hyper-local content of my own? Well, I’m going to share some of the principles that are the foundation for creating hyper-local content. They are going to help you to create the ideas and the local content that you can use in your real estate business so that you can be perceived as an expert and you can ultimately become the expert in your target market area. 

Early on in my real estate business, I started creating hyper-local content. I was publishing and doing research on the properties as well as the community as a whole so that I could understand my target market more appropriately. In sales, you can’t sell someone a product or service until you have identified a need. Figure out what it is that your clients care about most in a home. For instance, answer the frequently asked questions from buyers and sellers that you have heard over and over again, but put it in a blog post. What are different subdivisions that builders, architects, interior designers, are working in, and who is the best within that subdivision? Ask yourself, what do people want, and more importantly, what do people need in their homes?

What it is: Hyper-local content is unique content that is locally relevant to your real estate market and community highlighting the affairs and operations taking place within your city. You want to go above and beyond so that you are differentiated against your competition and publishing hyper-local content is the answer. 

1st. step: If you’re reading this and feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry. First, the key is to leverage the content in a way so that you’re repurposing it and saving time. I have a calendar for the days I’m going to publicize a blog post, release a social media post, and schedule podcasts so that I’m organized. This allows me to be consistent and stay in a routine, which is beneficial to me as well as my clients because my clients are aware and ready for the schedule. 

2nd step: Secondly, if you’re having trouble brainstorming what to write about, think of dividing your content into categories, such as; subdivisions, interior design trends, school districts, or landscape tips. Last year I released a blog post that discussed 10 different facts regarding a specific subdivision in my market. I had a catchy headline that was something along the lines of, “10 things you didn’t know about Skyland.” I generated a lot of interaction and responses from people who were shocked to discover the beautiful hikes they were never aware of. 

I was able to attract a lot of buyers and sellers from this specific blog post and I can point to almost $4 million in listings and new business that was a result. Not only was I  adhering to the needs of my buyers and sellers by tapping into the questions I had heard become frequently asked during client meetings, but I was also strengthening my name as a real estate agent. Creating hyper-local content allows you to address your client’s concerns and reinforce your ability to sell real estate simultaneously. It indicates that you’re knowledgeable of the property, but more importantly, the subdivision as a whole. I hope this has brought you insight and clarity, have a wonderful 4th of July!


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