Why I’m grateful to be a real estate agent

A Lot of people ask me, why are you a real estate agent? Well, my overall goal with real estate system secrets is to serve other agents and help other agents, so that we can help them to be successful. I hope that we can push you to achieve your goals to serve your client, and support your lifestyle, family, and you’re why. For me, it’s the love I have for my wife, my three daughters, the lifestyle we have chosen, and the things that we like to do together.

I’ve been driving for about 11 hours now and I’m on my way to Dallas. I’m driving to Dallas to support my wife and mother in law, who has had some unfortunate events occur recently. Her companion and boyfriend of the past 8 years, passed away last week and my mother in law just had hip surgery as well. She is now in the process of moving and my wife is here to support her through all of it but is starting to feel a little overwhelmed. I packed up in about 45 minutes and got on the road. That’s why I do what I do as a real estate agent, so I can support my family in times of crisis and happiness.

I’m very thankful that I’ve been able to generate a lot of transactions since I became a real estate agent. I just turned 58 on May 31st and June 19th will be the 11th anniversary of our move from Dallas to our second home in Crested Butte. At the beginning of my real estate career, I didn’t have any leads and I had no listings. I had no clients and nobody knew who I was. My managing broker didn’t have any training for me, so it was basically a sink or swim environment. Now when I look at the integrity that I have been able to build with my success and everything I’ve accomplished, I couldn’t be more willing to share my knowledge with others.

It’s really given me a lot of confidence in my skill set, my ability to continue to be successful and to help other real estate agents. Although I am sitting here discussing my success, I’ve failed as well. I’ve done a lot of things wrong, but it was those failures that lead me to which systems work. They assist in maintaining what I create digitally online and offline and contribute to my sustainable real estate business.

Through my success and consistency, I’m able to be able to support my wife, my family, and do the things that I enjoy. I’m able to live the life that I really am thankful for and blessed to be able to live. For instance, I just got the antibody test a week ago and I received the results, which indicated that I was positive. My wife and I both had it and I’m thankful that we’ve gotten through it and that we have our health now. We are both COVID survivors.

There are a number of other people we know who struggled to keep their health and ultimately, died because of the virus. I’m so thankful to be here today and be able to be there for my family when they need me. I can’t predict the future, I’m not a scientist or a biologist or an economist. I do know that there’s patterns, trends, and ups, and downs, and we’ll get through this. Sometimes when life gets really tough, the thing that keeps me going is knowing that I have the support and the love of my family. I have my lifestyle and the things that we enjoy doing together, which keeps me going.

During these confusing and dark times for our world, but more importantly, for our country, I challenge you to think about why you chose to become a real estate agent and remember that when life gets hard. It could be a great content piece to share on your blog or in an email with your clients, so your clients can get a closer look at who you are and how you are motivated. During these crazy times, I think it’s important to go back to your roots and remind yourself why you chose this career path. If your having trouble recalling your “why” and your feeling lost, don’t worry.

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