Marketing and lead generation in your business

Today, I want to talk to you about the lead generation in your real estate agent business. I’ve often quoted myself saying, “without lead generation and without being able to attract your dream clients on a consistent basis, you don’t have a real estate business.”

If you are soliciting, prospecting, or cold calling, you’re trying to generate new business and generate leads. The problem with this method is that it’s a one to one scenario, meaning it takes a lot of time and effort. Lead generation is the first step to gaining momentum in your marketing system. For instance, generate premium content that you can exchange for somebody’s email address. This can entail information about a gala event, access to your market report, or even updates on Coronavirus in your community.

If its relevant and useful, someone might even forward your newsletter or your market report to somebody else. This can be beneficial because if you include a call to action at the bottom of your email, then it gives people a chance to get on your email distribution lists. All these types of things are how you capture leads. Followup emails and communication are also effective for lead generation. For instance, auto responding and autoresponder messaging are a consistent way that you’re touching people and potential clients that you want to do business with!

What are the things that you’re doing to nurture them? During the peak of the Coronavirus there were many instances where I was adhering to my client’s needs. For example, I generally send out a newsletter once a month, but during the height of the start of the Coronavirus, I was sending two emails on a weekly basis. These emails outlined and summarized the health orders that were being released almost daily, so it was hard for people to keep up. It’s very controversial in my market because the health department said that the second homeowners that were here had to leave and people that weren’t here couldn’t come because it would be dangerous to travel.

This caused quite a bit of confusion because the second homeowners that were already here were concerned about traveling home due to the dangers Coronavirus had in airports. They would have rather stayed put in Crested Butte given the conditions of pandemic. Our local health department finally came out with a form that second home owners could fill out to receive exemption for special cases like their own.

Although these health orders have provided some protection and safety in my town, we’re still not back to our normal lifestyles. Visitors are still prohibited from visiting and vacationing in our market, which has made communication an important aspect of my business as I’m sure it has for you as well. Whatever it is that you’re comfortable with, make sure that you are staying connected with your clients whether its email, texting or direct mail campaigns, so that you can continue conducting business.

Connect with them by providing valuable premium content and information that’s both informative as well as entertaining. This will not only illustrate that you are well thought out, but it will also illustrate your competence and capability as a real estate agent. It demonstrates that you understand your clients concerns, doubts and demonstrates that that you’re thinking ahead!


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