Want Chris Kopf to speak at your event?

Chris Kopf delivers an engaging presentation for real agents and brokers in which he explains his success and experience. He will ensure he targets each organization’s needs and desired outcomes to provide measurable takeaways by collaborating with the client directly. Chris’ exceptional ability to communicate clear business solutions with relevant stories, examples and humor is why he is in such high demand.

Keynote Topics

Attract Affluent Clients to Take Your Real Estate Agent Business to the Next Level

Chris Kopf’ main keynote topic is a powerful presentation that reveals the changes real estate agents need to make to attract affluent clients. He highlights the mistakes to avoid, how to stand out and how to leverage technology so agents can build a sustainable real estate business into the future. This is an interactive and high-energy presentation filled with secrets proven systems. 

These are new methods on how to become a trusted authority in the minds of prospective buyers and sellers in any agent’s market. Chris will share videos and real world stories of his experiences and how he went from zero to the #1 real estate agent in his market and among the top 1% of the 90,000 Coldwell Banker agents in the world. 

This uplifting and entertaining keynote presentation is 45 to 60 minutes long, applies to agents of any level and is perfect for corporate brokerage events, annual conferences, conventions, brokerage training events, leadership retreats, agent training events, and association events.

Testimonials From Past Presentations