Why And How I Became A Real Estate Agent – Part 4

They picked a different real estate agent…I thought they liked me. I thought they liked my family.

(If you haven’t read my last few blogs on the beginning of my story, I recommend checking it out! I’ve had to overcome many obstacles to get where I am today. Possibility of Divorce. Changing Jobs. Getting my Real Estate License. It’s really never-ending…)

So how was I going to make this work as a real estate agent during the recession?

I started buying a lot of books. I was reading that Keller Williams book about the sphere of influence and you gotta bug the crap out of your family and friends and associates. Pretty much everybody that you know. And tell them you’re a real estate agent and then ask if they want to buy a home.

My sister in law called me one day and said she had great news. A friend of hers wanted to buy a home. A BIG HOME.  I got her contact info and started calling/emailing/texting her. No response….

Finally, I got her on the phone and she said they weren’t interested in doing business with me…

I was crushed. I thought I checked all the boxes.  My wife had played tennis with her. We were members of the country club they were members of. We had all the connections.  They ended up buying like a $2 million-dollar home, but unfortunately, I wasn’t their real estate agent.

So, what’s the deal? Why am I struggling? I did all the cold calling. All the soliciting. I wrote letters, notes, emails. Whatever it took. They knew of me. They liked my family.

But do you know what it was that steered them away?? Trust. They didn’t trust me with their real estate business.

This really was a terrible time to be in the real estate agent business and I was struggling. At this point….I’m freakkkkkin out. I had this fear that if I wasn’t good enough, if I wasn’t able to support my family and my wife, that she would revert back and there would be feelings that I wasn’t worthy again. I didn’t want that.


I read a statistic that 67% of the general public do not trust real estate agents. So I dug deeper. Then I read a statistic that 80% of all sellers don’t use the same real estate agent they used to buy their home.  Soooo if 80% of homeowners don’t use the same real estate agent, then I had a chance, right??

I then started brainstorming how to become a trusted real estate agent. What have I learned about trust?  I can’t say the same as every other real estate agent out here. I need to be DIFFERENT.

Check out my next email/blog next week to hear about how I differentiated myself and how to be trusted. 

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