How you can be nurturing and converting leads

What do you do when you don’t have enough time in your day or week to get everything done? Time prioritization is a big thing for me. Especially, being efficient, having systems and processes in place to deal with all the things.   There are times in this business where we get overwhelmed with a lot […]

How I hit $42M in Volume in 2020 as a Solo Agent in the Pandemic

Wow 2020 what a year! Things started out great, and then Covid hit and I was honestly very scared for my business and what was going to happen. When my small market in Crested Butte completely shut down for 90 days with no visitors allowed in or out, I had to let go my assistant […]

Ever wonder what a normal day looks like for me as a real estate agent?

I’ve told you lots of my secrets, but you may wonder what my actual day consists of. What’s my schedule like?   Well, let’s find out..   This will be just a broad schedule. It’s not always the same, but generally this is what it may look like:   5:30 AM – Wake UP! 6:00 […]

Don’t let your fear get in the way of your goals

Sometimes the next steps in our business, life, or journey, can be scary. They usually are ones that you haven’t taken before. If it’s in your real estate business, getting to that next level can be a challenge. Whether it’s increasing your transaction amounts or your transaction volume, it can be really tough making those changes. […]

Keep evolving into the new year

I hope you had a great new year and celebrated the start of 2021! As we enter a new year I look at it as a new start for everyone.   Are you nervous to try new things and think you need more experience/time to be more successful? You don’t! Get out there today and […]

The Real Estate Agent Reality Check You Need

Welcome to real estate system secrets, and I hope you had a very Merry Christmas, a happy holidays, and a safe new year with all this COVID craziness.  I hope you had a fantastic 2020, and that you’re looking forward to another great year in 2021.  I hope that you’re serving your clients at the […]

How are you focusing on the hard stuff as a realtor?

Are you doing the hard tasks to stand out in your niche market? As we enter the holidays and the new year, I’m working hard to meet my goals that I set as a realtor. We got about three or four inches of snow last night, so I’m skinning up the mountain this morning. Similar […]

Are you prepared for the unexpected?

Are you prepared for the unexpected? We just had a snow storm come through this weekend here in Colorado and we are all grateful. We definitely needed the moisture.There have been a few forest fires that have broken out across the state that no one was expecting this late in the fall. There are a […]

How you can be casting a wide net to win more opportunities

Although COVID has impacted the number of people visiting my town of Crested Butte this summer, it’s mid-July and the town is hopping with people. I think because of COVID, there are a lot of people trying to escape the city. Tourists and second homeowners are looking at real estate in a remote or resort market. […]

What gives your town character and charm?

Writing blog posts about a lifestyle is all about selling your community and discussing what makes your area special. What are the nonprofits, festivals, and events that you could incorporate and elaborate in a blog? Consider what your clients value and what they would care to hear about.  In my market, the 4th of July […]