Are you prepared for the unexpected?

Are you prepared for the unexpected? We just had a snow storm come through this weekend here in Colorado and we are all grateful. We definitely needed the moisture.There have been a few forest fires that have broken out across the state that no one was expecting this late in the fall. There are a […]

How you can be casting a wide net to win more opportunities

Although COVID has impacted the number of people visiting my town of Crested Butte this summer, it’s mid-July and the town is hopping with people. I think because of COVID, there are a lot of people trying to escape the city. Tourists and second homeowners are looking at real estate in a remote or resort market. […]

What gives your town character and charm?

Writing blog posts about a lifestyle is all about selling your community and discussing what makes your area special. What are the nonprofits, festivals, and events that you could incorporate and elaborate in a blog? Consider what your clients value and what they would care to hear about.  In my market, the 4th of July […]

Capture your ideal buyers and sellers with these tools

It’s super important to reflect on the transactions that you’ve done in the past and pinpoint how you earned that business, to begin with. The national association of realtors tells us that for every client that we generate, we should focus on adding another two to three incremental clients to that list of clients that we […]

Your guide to real estate blogging

You may be asking yourself, what is hyper-local content and how can I have hyper-local content of my own? Well, I’m going to share some of the principles that are the foundation for creating hyper-local content. They are going to help you to create the ideas and the local content that you can use in your […]

How you can incorporate the herd theory in your marketing plan

I’ve touched on the herd theory in the past, but I would like to revisit it and explore other ways that you can incorporate it into your real estate methods. There are a lot of examples of the herd theory portrayed in nature. For example, a fish tends to follow the fish around them and […]

Do you share interests with your buyers and sellers?

I have found that it’s in your favor to work with clients that share your passions and interests. Not only will it allow you to connect with your clients, but it will also help you to align with your dream clients. For instance, I really enjoy being outdoors and I love to spend my time […]

The Internet isn’t just a luxury, it’s a utility

I hope you had a good father’s day and spent some quality time with your family, whether that was through zoom, or enjoying the summer weather. I went on a fishing trip with my brother and nephew, which was spectacular. While we were on the river in the Rocky Mountains, I was able to do a […]

How are you going to market yourself differently?

Lately, the market has been maintaining price points and transactions, but it seems like with inventory levels reduced, there’s a lot of interest in the listings, which means there are good opportunities for us as agents. Think about the things that you’re doing now, and the things you can be doing once COVID-19 has fizzled out. […]

Why I’m grateful to be a real estate agent

A Lot of people ask me, why are you a real estate agent? Well, my overall goal with real estate system secrets is to serve other agents and help other agents, so that we can help them to be successful. I hope that we can push you to achieve your goals to serve your client, and […]