What We Have Control Over As Real Estate Agents

Why should people pick YOU as their real estate agent? What are you doing to consistently deliver value to your clients? Can they trust you?

So, I met with a prospective seller recently and we talked about the timing of selling their home, the price point and the things that were going on in their lives. When I walked into their living room guess what I saw? MY MARKET REPORT. My market report that I create every single month was printed out. What does this mean? Why is this so important? I send out a market report and a newsletter every single month and have done that consistently. The fact that I walked into that living room and my most recent market report was printed out tells me that I am serving them at a highest level, and they respect the fact that I’ve consistently been sending them my market report and my newsletter. They went to the effort to actually print it out which means they have read it, right?

That’s the reason I was sitting in their living room. They want to sell their home and have demonstrated their interest in using me as their real estate agent. I wasn’t there to get a listing agreement signed. I just wanted to make them comfortable with me, my processes, systems and what I would do to list their home.

As real estate agents, we don’t exactly know the timing of when someone’s going to decide to buy or what’s going on in someone’s life behind that scenes that will affect their decision. What’s their financial situation? What determines their lifestyle decisions or family decisions? These are things we don’t have control over. What we do have control over is how they perceive us and the things that we are doing to consistently demonstrate our level of competence, credibility, expertise and authority in our market.

Think about the things that you’re doing in your real estate business today, tomorrow and next week to put yourself out there. What’s your digital footprint look like? Reading over some stats from the NAR, most sellers aren’t using the same agent that they used to buy their home. That tells me that as real estate agents we need to be relevant. We need to demonstrate our competence and credibility. We need to communicate with our clients and prospective clients. You probably think you’re different and it won’t happen to you. But it can and it probably still will.

So, what can you do?

Understand the market. Understand the systems and processes you use. Be able to communicate and demonstrate your level of credibility and competence. Your market report is just one tool that helps you serve your clients at the highest level. Are you consistent? Will someone find you if they search you on google? If so, what will they find?

We started our Done For You Program to help real estate agents with this. Many don’t have the skills, time, knowledge or consistency to do some of these things. We take the platforms, systems and things that have worked for me and we implement those for other agents. If that’s of interest to you and you’d like to learn more, you can go to our website here. We’d love the opportunity to help you attract your dream clients. You can get to where you want to be and we can help nudge you in that right direction!

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