Kopf #5 in Colorado #46 Nationwide

Kopf #5 in Colorado #46 Nationwide

Kopf #5 in Colorado #46 Nationwide Coldwell Banker

I am super honored to receive this elite Coldwell Banker award, and thankful to all my clients for their trust in me!

It was because of the marketing systems I had in place that allowed me to achieve 62 Transactions, $87M+ in Volume, and over $2.2M in GCI, while still having time to spend with my family, and doing all the things I love!

It took me years and thousands of dollars to figure out what worked and what didn’t – and I’m so grateful for the failures because without them I would not be where I am now.  I’m also so extremely thankful to have recently received the Coldwell Banker “International Society of Excellence” award again.

I believe with success comes responsibility, and I want to help you and this awesome community of Coldwell Banker real estate agents to achieve their goals and dreams!

How Did You Do That?

I get asked frequently – how did you do that, and what is the secret to your success? In short – I put my customers first – serve them and connect with them by publishing premium content that answers the questions they have.  Marketing is so important to Attract and Align with your Dream Clients. I recently completely revamped and re-wrote my book, which I haven’t even released to the public yet – Digital Niche Marketing Systems for Real Estate Agents.

My marketing strategy has allowed me to consistently generate leads without outbound soliciting, while still having time to spend time with my family. That is what success looks like for me, whatever it looks like for you  – leveraging technology, the internet and social media effectively will help you serve more of your Dream Clients.

As a solo agent, I’m very thankful during the craziness of the pandemic I was able to have significant success, and I hope you are able to take my framework to have the same success (or exceed my success) in your business!!

How Can I Help You With Your Real Estate Agent Marketing?

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