Invest In Yourself And Take That Next Step!

It’s so important for you to invest yourself and go to trade shows, events and marketing conferences.

One thing I like to say is, “Life’s a journey and we’re on a path. Sometimes our path comes to a river and we have to walk across the river. It’s a raging river, but there are stones that become visible. If you take that first step to go to a marketing event, trade show, mastermind coaching event, whatever it may be, that new stone will be revealed in the river that wasn’t there before. It’ll kind of magically appear because if you didn’t take that first step or second step, you wouldn’t be able to see that stone that magically becomes visible in your life, business and networking that you do. All those things feed on themselves.”

So get outside your comfort zone. Get outside of your box. Focus while you are at those events. Get in a mindset that you’re going to hunt down information and gather as much as you can. 

There’s always going to be a few things that you aren’t doing. So find those things that could help you. They could take your business to the next level!

Invest your time, effort and money in these events. Get exposed to different ideas, speakers and agents in other markets and understand what they’re doing. Publish your takeaways. What did you learn from the speakers, people that you talked to, vendors and the technology platforms? You may not try to execute everything, but write down a good list of the things you learned that you think you’ll benefit from. 

I always say, if you hear something numerous times from different sources, then you usually know that thing is important. Talk to top agents and learn what they are doing and share what you are doing. Network with those people. Follow up with them after. This is what it’s all about. Make sure you are writing down notes so you can remember everything you talked about. I’ve went back through my notes and called someone back to talk to them a little bit more about what they had said. 

You can learn so much from these events and they can help you get to that next level or “stone” in your business or life. So get out of your comfort zone and do things a little bit differently. Be motivated and be invested!

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