How you can stay connected with your clients through emails

I’ve been getting up really early and I’ve been working hard these past two weeks. We’ve been in quarantine for 32 days give or take. During this crisis and all the Corona virus craziness, I really want to focus on why it’s super important for you to be aligned and engage with your dream client. What do I mean by that? What I mean is alignment. What are the things that your dream clients or prospective dream clients are going through right now in your target market, in your community, and in your neighborhoods that you can serve? What information can you share with them to stay engaged that makes you aligned? 

During this period of the unknown, sharing updates on the market and other valuable information demonstrates that you’re thinking out for them, you’re thinking ahead, you’re doing the things that might help them, as well as, helping their family as a whole. It’s important that you remain engaged because when we come out of quarantine they want to know that you’re there, that you’re working, that you’re focused, and that you haven’t disappeared. 

I have an email list and I don’t know exactly how many now, but I think it’s close to 3000 people. I have had numerous people unsubscribe and join my list in the past couple years. I’ve learned that it’s a good thing if people unsubscribe from your list because you want your list to be composed of the people that care and appreciate your communication. Sending emails is a great way to stay connected and engaged with your clients. Not only does it allow you to maintain a relationship with your clients, but it also exposes who your top clients are. 

In one of my most recent emails I shared the links and the direction that health officials in my state, as well as, what the health officials nationwide are saying about the new antibody tests. I’ve received a lot of interaction from clients asking how it will impact travel bans, who will have access, and other concerns. Despite the seriousness of this virus, I also put a couple jokes at the very bottom of my newsletter to lighten my clients day. Everybody needs to smile and chuckle every once in a while and I think this is the perfect way to make light of our situation. 

An important question that I have raised to my friends and family states, “if you test positive for the antibody test, is there a place you can go give plasma so that your blood can be used for somebody that might be really sick and have a health problem?” I would be interested to hear what others have to say about this. 

Coming full circle, think about all the resources your community has to offer to the public and allow your clients to be aware as well. This creates interaction and preserves your relationship with your buyers or sellers. Is there any special critical care issues in your community for people that are having health issues? Think about all the things that you could do to volunteer and the actions you can take to give back. I hope this brings you some clarity and direction for the rest of your week!


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