How you can be nurturing and converting leads

What do you do when you don’t have enough time in your day or week to get everything done? Time prioritization is a big thing for me. Especially, being efficient, having systems and processes in place to deal with all the things.


There are times in this business where we get overwhelmed with a lot of incoming leads, transactions, challenges and properties under contract all at the same time.


Time prioritization is very important, but it’s all dependent on what your current business looks like. If you are overwhelmed with new leads coming in already, those leads should be your number one priority and then marketing for more leads should come second.


 If you have no consistent leads coming in at all then marketing for more leads should be your number one priority.The trick though, is having a balance of both sides – nurturing and converting leads while also generating a consistent flow of leads at the same time.


That means you need to have marketing systems in place while you are doing the real estate agent “stuff” and working with clients. This is the key to getting off the roller coaster of inconsistency.


When you are unsure of how you should be prioritizing with your time, the best piece of advice is to take a step back and figure out what the most important things are to get contracts signed and to get contracts to close. Then work backwards from there.


If you’re reading this and thinking, “okay this sounds great, but what if I suck at marketing” or “okay but I still would rather not spend my time on marketing”… than you are like most agents. It’s totally okay to just want to focus on the nurturing and converting of clients and leave the marketing to the professionals.


In my done for you program I provide your personal marketing, market report, newsletter, blog postings, digital footprint, social media, etc. This allows you tremendously in regards to time prioritization.


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