Get Off Your Butt Today And Do The Things You Don’t Want To Do!

Do what the other real estate agents won’t do. Do the extra things that differentiate you because other people don’t want to do it. There’s so many things that you probably think about doing in your real estate agent business, but instead you’re going to stay in your comfort zone. I’m going to challenge you to get out into the cold and the dark. It’s really great when you do. 

The hardest part is getting started. If you do what the other real estate agents either don’t want to do or can’t do or won’t do, then you’ll differentiate yourself in your market. 

Be observant about your community and inquisitive. It’s important for you to be an expert and credible in your market. A lot of other agents don’t do the homework upfront and they’ll just say, “Okay, well if somebody has a question, then maybe I’ll go research that.” If you don’t have the information and tell a client or someone you’ll get back to them, it’s probably too late.  

So take an action step today. Think of the things that you’ve been procrastinating about. You’ve probably got a list of things that you were gonna get to. Well, get to them today. Do the hard things. Do the things that the other agents don’t want to do, and you will differentiate yourself in your market.

Think about the prize, the goal. What’s the end result? In our real estate business, it’s the opportunity to meet a new client, to build a relationship and to help them to either buy or sell. What a great, great feeling that is to create that feeling for another person, that you helped them buy their dream home or you helped them sell their home so they could move on with the next chapter in their life. That’s what makes me feel good.

Think about those things that are hard, that are difficult, that other people don’t want to do and then go do those things, and you will stand out. You’ll differentiate yourself. Do it with enthusiasm and passion, and you will reap great rewards!

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