Become A Better Real Estate Agent By Doing What They Do At The Ritz Carlton

Are you in the Relationship Business or the You Business?

I recently was at the Ritz Carlton at Beaver Creek, Colorado. And oh man oh man. It’s beautiful! I talked with the general manager there and he talked about the luxury properties nearby. It ranged up to 30 mil. Wow! He deals with a lot of luxury guests that come to the hotel, as well as the residents that are members of the club there.

I found many similarities between their business and our real estate agent business. Both are trying to serve their clients at the highest level. The GM talked a lot about authenticity, being yourself, building relationships with your clients and helping them to have a unique experience. He has workers from all over the world and has to train them to serve their clients at the highest level. In the old days you would just say “Good day sir/ma’am.” And that was it. Now, people want to engage with the employees, and they want to have that unique experience.

He tells them to tell everyone where they are from and what they’re doing. People want to know. If you think about it, it’s the same in our business. We want to make sure we’re telling our story to differentiate ourselves. We want to align and connect with our clients. Authenticity and a unique experience are very important. We want to build relationships, our clients to talk about us and for people to find us online and our digital footprint. It’s all important.

It’s not just about the transaction. If you’re in the real estate business, just for the commission/transaction and it’s all about you, then you’re not going to succeed in the long-term. Sure, you may have some success, but the reality of this business is we are in the relationship business.

Make sure to always remember the clients’ needs. Anticipate them and serve those needs. Just like what they are doing at the Ritz Carlton. Create a smooth experience and anticipate the things that could happen during your transaction, so you’re prepared. Be gracious, thank your clients for their business, opportunity to serve them and the relationship you have.

Be like the Ritz Carlton.

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