You Are the Chief Marketing Officer of Your Real Estate Business

I’ve realized that there are lots of real estate agents who don’t think about marketing because they don’t consider that to be part of their job. They aren’t taking on the role of Chief Marketing Officer in their real estate business.

But it’s essential that you think about what you’re doing as a marketer and how that’s affecting your business. If you’re not marketing effectively then you’re not getting a steady flow of leads and you’re not attracting dream clients. If you don’t identify who your dream clients are you can’t start producing content and messaging that will attract those affluent clients. 

Take the time to examine what your current marketing techniques are and see what’s working and what isn’t! Get rid of anything the isn’t helping you grow your business and find something to replace it.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Where did the clients that you did business with come from?
  • How did they find you?
  • What attracted them to you?
  • What programs did you spend money on that turned into leads that turned into clients that turned into transactions that closed?
  • Are there things you can delegate because someone else can do them better?

Think about where you’re spending your money and evaluate if you’re spending it wisely. 

The other aspect of marketing that you really need to consider is what you’re selling. Do you know what are you actually selling?

You are selling yourself because YOU are the product and the service. You are selling the fact that you’re an expert, an authority and a credible source of information. You’re selling the idea that if clients do business with you it will be a smooth process and you will help them achieve their goals.

If you’ve never really taken the time to think about these things, DO IT NOW! It’s important to take a step back every once in a while and examine what you’re doing. As the the chief marketing officer in your real estate business you need to make a marketing plan to put into action. This is how you will attract more affluent dream clients to come and do business with you!

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