Why You Aren’t Achieving Your Goals

I think there are two reasons some real estate agents don’t achieve their goals. They are either making their goals too lofty and need to “bring the target closer” or they aren’t all in on their real estate business and it prevents them from growing.

When I decide to do something, I don’t just try… I commit to it and I focus on it. I set goals and objectives that will help me achieve what I want to do.

Don’t just say, “Well, if it doesn’t work out, that’s okay.” Statements like that are too non-committal and make it way too easy for you to just give up when something doesn’t immediately work out.

I talked to an agent recently in setting their goals and I reminded them to move the target closer. They told me they wanted to hit a certain number, which was a great goal! But I encouraged them to look at this goal a little closer.

There’s nothing wrong with setting high and lofty goals but it’s also important to move the target closer so that you can attain that goal and see the success. Then you can work backwards from that closer goal so you can fully understand what all you need to do to achieve that goal. Break it down into smaller and smaller tasks.

Big high goals can be fantastic but they often seems so far away and unattainable that you almost instantly feel like it might not happen. They’re too abstract.

Lots of agents I talk to do this. They sent these amazing big goals and then they end up abandoning them because they don’t have a plan in place to achieve them. The goal seems too far away and too big and they have no idea how to tackle it so in the end they just give up.

Don’t forget to think about your shorter term goals as well. All of your short term goals add up and cumulate in you eventually achieve your high and lofty goals! I suggest you focus on setting a 12 month goal instead of 24 or 36 month goal. You can break it down even further into 90 day and 180 day goals.

This is what brings you closer and helps you focus on your target. Plus, these goals are all very attainable so you can see for yourself that you are capable of achieving those goals and getting some wins. This will motivate you even further!

Look at the big goals you have set for yourself and see how you can break them down and move the target closer and you will see an amazing difference!

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