Why And How I Became A Real Estate Agent – Part 5

I could really do this… I could really succeed as a real estate agent. But I had to get over another hurdle.. 

(If you haven’t read my last few emails on the beginning of my story, I recommend checking it out! I’ve had to overcome many obstacles to get where I am today. Possibility of Divorce. Changing Jobs. Getting my Real Estate License. Differentiating myself. It’s really never-ending…)

I needed to be different to stand out in the real estate agent business. I needed to start publishing valuable content. Not solicit. Not cold call.

I started creating market reports and writing articles about my community and the areas and things that I thought would be of interest to buyers and sellers…the things that I thought would be an interest to my potential dream clients, right? Who do I want to make this message appeal to? What are the demographics of the clients that I want to work with? I don’t want to work with those people that have cabins that are two hours away. I didn’t want to sell land that’s only $100,000. It’s not going to get me where I want to be.

I wanted to work with affluent clients that are buying/selling $2 million homes in my market. So, what do they care about? How can I create content that’s going to appeal to THEM? I started creating that content and getting inbound calls! People would say they saw my article, video or market report. They received my newsletter and thought it was interesting.

That was when I saw a door finally opening. Just a small crack starting to appear.

I was getting out in my community. I was publishing things online. I was telling MY story. I was meeting my dream clients. Being where they were and starting to really figure this real estate thing out… I had to think.. How could I leverage the things that I’ve created online and then also start to build relationships offline? How do they complement each other?

I continued with what I was doing and eventually got a couple of calls. They were some very affluent sellers. One at $5 million and another around $4 million. I was ecstatic!!! I was getting the opportunity to sell myself. FINALLY.

Soooo do you want the bad news or good news??? Bad news: I was not aligning with those dream clients and didn’t end up earning their business. Good news: I crossed the threshold. People were paying attention. I had their interest.

So this sucked… I had another hurdle. BUT….things were getting better. I was slowly seeing a change and thinking I could really do this. I just had to keep going. Keep working hard. Keep learning and trying new things. I had hope.

Check out my email/blog Thursday to hear how I got over this hurdle!

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