What’s the #1 Question You Get Asked as a Real Estate Agent?

I know that there is one question I get asked all the time as a real estate agent. It is: “How is the market?” And if it’s a homeowner they usually quickly follow up with, “What do you think the value of my home might be?”

And what is your answer to this question? Because that’s really the important part. Can you answer that question with a detailed analysis of what’s happening in the overall market and describe what the current trends are?

I get asked these questions all the time. On the phone, through email, at a cocktail party or gala event. There’s always someone who wants to know what the real estate market is like. Which is fantastic! This is a great opportunity for me to demonstrate my level of expertise and credibility as a real estate agent.

This is my time to shine!

But you can’t shine if you’re not prepared. I often tell agents to spend some time preparing and looking at your market before you go to these kinds of events.

I’m not saying you should be some kind of robot reciting a report or that you should be handing out market reports and business cards. But you SHOULD be able to talk about your market comfortably and with confidence.

Another important aspect is knowing who your audience is. You want to be able to answer the question in the framework of their situation. Their situation being where their home is, what neighborhood, if they’re a buyer or a seller, if they have a price range or specific criteria. If you’re familiar with that area then you can talk intelligently about their home or their neighborhood.

You should always try to follow up with an offer to get them more information. Ask for an email or offer your business card so you can get more information on their specific situation.

The point is to be prepared because you know these questions are always coming. Prove you are the expert by being about to about your market confidently. Do your homework and demonstrate your knowledge and people will look to you as an expert and an authority.

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