What Do You Do When Things Don’t Go Your Way?

How do you respond to situations where things happen that are outside of your control? Your answer is crucial to the future of your real estate business…

As I’ve mentioned before I live in a mountain town in Colorado. And it’s not unusual for it to snow here pretty late into the year. Sometimes that just not what you want and it can be disappointing to look outside and see so much snow. Sometimes you want to be able to look outside and see a beautiful warm spring day in the month of May.

But things don’t always go our way and we don’t always get what we want. Just like the weather, there are lots of things that are outside of our control in our real estate business as well.

We often have to deal with external factors that affect us but that we have no control over. This can be frustrating but if you can change your attitude to focus on the things you CAN control then your real estate business will thrive!

Think about all of the things you can do. Are you attracting dream clients? Are you differentiating yourself in your market? Are you demonstrating yourself as an expert and authority? Have you defined who your dream client is? Are you aligning yourself with the luminaries in your community? Are you learning to leverage technology?

You could look at all of these things negatively and believe you don’t have the power to change anything and be upset about things not going your way. Or you could do something about it! Take action!

Take a step back and look at the things you’re doing in your real estate business that you’re good at or that are working. How can you leverage that and expand upon it? Once you figure that out then you will see major changes happening in your business!

It’s so easy to sit back and be bothered by things that are happening because they’re outside of our control. And it’s too easy to throw your hands up in the air and say you can’t do anything about it, so you’ll just have accept it the way it is.

Don’t give up that easily! Change your mindset and find a way to put the control back in your hands. You’re the business owner and entrepreneur that gets to decide how you run your real estate business. Start making the right decisions today and you will see so much growth in the future!

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