We Need Your Input!

I have a favor. We need YOUR feedback. 

We’ve created Real Estate System Secrets as a mirror image of some of the things that I’ve been doing to become a top real estate agent. I’ve been among the top 1% of the 70,000 plus agents with the Coldwell banker network in North America for the last 5 years. I’ve stood out in a rather quick amount of time in my market and people ask me how I did that and what I’ve done.

So I started Real Estate System Secrets. I focused on the core fundamentals of what I have been doing. I thought about what steps other agents could use to be successful. We’ve done coaching programs and created an online academy. We’ve done training videos and how to’s. 

Over time I have found out that some people just can’t replicate some of the things that I’m posting about. And that’s okay. I came from a technology background so I’ve had quite a bit of experience. Internet marketing, advertising or just the whole internet can be confusing and complex.

So, the big question I have for you is…If we were going to offer a done for you service, would you be interested? We’d be creating your market report, posting on your website, creating blogs, social media postings and more. We are still working through all the details, but this is the main focus. Creating a market report is really what differentiates myself and how I repurpose it. There’s so many ways to repurpose this content and get it out there.

We are trying to figure out what would offer the most value to real estate agents in their business if we did it as a done for you service. We can help you get more clients, leads and commissions that support your business, lifestyle and family. You can leverage technology and be more successful. I know things change so quickly and I believe this could really help many real estate agents.

Would you be interested if we were your personal marketing department and helping you execute and implement all these things? 

If you can reply to this email (RealEstateSystemSecrets@gmail.com) and tell us your concerns, feedback, or interest level, we would really love to hear what you all think!

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