Uh Oh – Are You Sledding Down The Wrong Hill?

The other day I spoke to another agent and we discussed what other agents do in their business and their marketing. He explained to me that he was overwhelmed with all the platforms and the technology. It was a hurdle for him to be able to use all these platforms efficiently and effectively. He was frozen. And decided not to do anything about it..

So I told him to take a step back and just start with one thing. It’s not always the what and the how. It’s many times the who… What does that mean? It means do you have the time to do everything? Maybe not…

If you aren’t good at something, don’t have enough time, etc..then WHO else can you delegate some of those things to?

For instance, you can hire an assistant, virtual assistant, or have automated systems put into place. And this is what we just started! We are beginning a Done For You Program which will allow us to be your marketing department. We can help you identify your dream client, what market you want to focus on and then help you create content. Market reports, your digital footprint, blogs, social media….etc.

You need to show your story, differentiate yourself, create and repurpose content and have a digital footprint. People need to know you are out there. The only time you’re going to get the opportunity to tell someone about you is when you are engaged with them. And if you aren’t good at doing this, then maybe you need to reach out. I think that doing nothing is just not an option.

We are so excited for this new program of ours and believe it can help you! So, what are you going to do differently? Are you actually going to do those things that are on your list? Be realistic. I challenge you to think about your business and what you’re going to do going forward.

If you really think you can do this stuff or you already are, then great!! All the power to you. But if you have the interest about what we can do for you, then reach out to us. We offer a very structured program that could help.

Take action, get motivated and take that next step! Go down the right “hill”!

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