Things You HAVE To Do Vs. Things You GET To Do

Sometimes a change in attitude is all you need to turn a frustrating or annoying situation into a really gratifying one!

I live in a mountain town in Colorado called Crested Butte and so we get quite a bit of snow. It snowed recently and it’s looking like it’ll snow again soon. Living in a snowy mountain town means that I have to shovel my driveway quite often because the snowplow comes by and creates a big snow heap at the top of my driveway.

So I saw all the snow at the top of my driveway recently and kind of sighed.
I was bemoaning it as I was shoveling it because it’s hard work and a little annoying that I have to do this before I can even leave my house. But then I realized what a blessing it was to get this snow and I GET to shovel it because I’m able to live in this beautiful mountain town in a ski resort area.

It made me realize that there’s lots of things that we as real estate agents HAVE to do that we don’t really enjoy. And I want you to change your thinking on this and think about this as something that you GET to do. 

For example, when it’s around tax season I always get people asking me questions about property taxes and asking me to fight tax assessments because they think the property taxes are too high. So, yes. This is a pain and you could look at it like it’s a waste of your time.

OR… you could be flattered that they come to you for advice. This client still believes that I’m someone who can help them and they value my expertise. Great!

Another thing that I have done in this situation is written blog posts about it. I realized I was getting a lot of the same questions, especially about specific Colorado tax laws for out of state owners. I spent two or three hours doing research and I wrote a blog article about it and now I can send that article directly to clients with all these questions.

I’ve even had people who simply found my website while searching for answers online and who called me up and thanked me for the information.
All I’m doing is taking what might otherwise be annoying or frustrating and turning it into something that is beneficial for me and my clients!

Think about the things that you HAVE to do and find a way to make it something you GET to do. Change your attitude! And if you can do it by publishing content, building trust, demonstrating your value and showing off your expertise then that’s even better!

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