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Without leads and clients, nothing else matters. Lead generation and lead conversion are the blood of our business. You need to have consistent lead generation and I believe soliciting and outbound cold calling is not going to get you that. I recommend publishing premium content and showing up in your market offline and online as an expert, authority and competent real estate agent. Understand your market and do a market analysis and market reports. Send out informative newsletters about your community. Align the content and your dream clients. Publish content that they will be interested in. 

So how do you know that they are interested in receiving this content? How do you know when you create a blog post and repurpose it that it will be well received? Keep questions that affluent buyers and sellers ask you when they struggle with issues and understanding things. If these affluent buyers and sellers are asking you these questions then there’s other people that are interested in the same thing. Jot down notes of the questions that you’re answering on the phone. Repurpose those.

Post about community events or reasons why people would want to live in your community. Write about the benefits, amenities, schools, clubs, etc. You can talk about sports, shopping, pretty much anything people are interested in. There are so many topics you can post about and reasons why someone may want to live in your community. Are there hiking trails or biking trails?

For lead generation, don’t leave people hanging. You want to always have some sort of call to action that says something that begins with, “Hey, if I can help you…..”. Be Specific and focus on your target market. 

Create content that will live online for a long time. This content could be your market report, articles and videos. People will see that you’ve been publishing quite a bit of information for a long time so they will think you are credible and a competent real estate agent. This will help generate trust. You don’t just wake up one day and all of a sudden people see you as a trusted real estate agent. They may know you and like you, but they may not trust you as a real estate agent. Earn that trust. 

Publish content, repurpose content and have efficient systems to help you generate leads. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it will help you attract those clients you are looking for!

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