Stop Doing Things That Aren’t Working

Why would you keep doing the same things over and over if they aren’t working? It seems pretty obvious that that’s not a good way to do things and move forward but lots of the agents I talk to seem to be stuck with this problem.

I think the issue is that change is hard. So it’s easier to just keep doing the same things, even when we know they’re not working. But if you want to become a top real estate agent and be better than you are now you will have to change and you will have to do things differently.

I’ve changed position several times throughout my career. I started out in sales and technology sales and then I moved to sales and sales management and eventually into regional area management.

Every single time I changed position, I reached out and found people that I could contact that would help me and tell me what I needed to do. Because I knew that the skills I had developed in my previous position weren’t going to be the same ones I needed for this new position.

If you want to get to the next level and be more successful as a real estate agent you need to learn new skills. And it’s best to learn those skills from people who are already in that position. Model from other people!

If you’re trying to get to the next level and make this year the best year ever in your real estate career then you need to change it up. Find out what you can do differently and find out what those things are from people who are successful and who have been in your position.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help and don’t be afraid of change! When you step out of your comfort zone and start doing things differently you will see more clients, more high end transactions and ultimately more success as a real estate agent!

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