Keep it Simple

Have you taken the steps to simplify your real estate business?  Time is everything. If you look around and see what’s going on in the world, it only reinforces that we should value the time we have and use it to our advantage.

When I wake up in the morning, I like to approach my day with these steps as a guide. There’s three steps that you need to follow to work more efficiently and effectively. The first step is to plan and prepare. This allows you to have a better idea of your schedule and identify which listings are more pressing. Whether you’re trying to climb a mountain, break into a new market, or get online to improve your digital footprint, a plan allows you see more clearly.

Last week I had a real estate client here in my market that said, “Hey, I’d like to learn how to skin up the mountain.” I met with him and we made a plan to go on Friday morning. I laid out all this stuff he needed and asked do you have longer poles? Multiple layers to wear under your jacket? Skins to put on under your skis?

He says, “Well, I don’t have that.” I told him that’s okay, but it’s very important to have and that’s why you’re talking to me, because I do this all the time.  I know I’ve already failed a million times and that’s why I know these steps are saving our real estate business. I explained why you have to get poles that are extended because it makes it easier when you’re climbing up the mountain and then when you come down, you can shorten them.

We had plan and he prepared to get all his equipment ready to go before we went. The second step is to get an instruction or do research. Ask yourself, what am I trying to do? Why am I trying to do it? What goals do I have? What are the things that are important to the people that I’m trying to serve? Figure out how you can implement your plan and prepare your clients with the top knowledge of your real estate market.

My client approached me as a guide to help him skin up the mountain for the first time because I knew I was an expert. He sought out instruction on how he could be more prepared. The same goes for the real estate business.The third step is to just do it. Find somebody who has been successful doing the things that you’re trying to do and model that. Try and figure out how they’re doing it and then just do it. So many people plan forever, but they don’t actually execute. 

An exclusive bonus step that I incorporate as well that I will share with you is to review your results, adjust and repeat. Go back and review how your actions made a positive impact for your clients. Adjust out the tweaks and the things you can do differently. How can you improve? Revising your work is always beneficial and will help you be a better real estate agent.

My message for you today is to simplify. Before you know it, you’ll be climbing the mountain and reach the top. Once you reach the top you’ll get to coast down the mountain and it will be very rewarding!
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