How I’ve leveraged to earn new clients without spending a penny

I know we are all experiencing abnormal and unprecedented times, but let me tell you a story about my market and how my community has been impacted. In my market, our primarily clients are affluent and luxury clients that are typically second homeowners. There are some states, as well as, some towns, where people have been significantly restricted on all aspects of travel. COVID-19  reached Crested Butte a lot sooner than we expected, but being a ski town in all, we had anticipated this. Before the state of Colorado had announced our current stay at home order, Crested Butte had already declared a stay at home sanction.

I live in a small town, so supplies are limited. The County officials looked at both sides of the issue and tried to protect  people as best they could. The reality of it is that we only have one hospital in our valley and only a certain number hospital beds, so they asked the tourists and the settled in second homers to leave.

Full time residents were  ultmately the only people allowed to stay within our county lines. All of this makes sense, but from a realter’s point of view this is not good news. After our ski mountain closed for the season, there were still a mix of people here on the tail end of their spring break, but they couldn’t leave. The government highly advised no or rare travel domestically, as well as, globally. 

Later on, our city council released a statement stating that, non-residents were not allowed to come into our town given the obvious safety concerns of our community, but on the other hand, they were also strongly recommending limited or no travel. Although Crested Butte officials started to crack down on the people that were here, it was harder for them to leave because of the ban on travel. A lot of second-owners were feeling stuck and they were unsure about what to do or who to turn to for answers. 

I had a couple clients seek me out and ask direct answers. They did this because they trust me and perceive me as an authority in my market, who might be able to help provide them with some insight. If there’s something that they’re very upset about in this market, then I want to be aligned with them and ultimately, attuned to their concerns when they arise. Now, we’ve never been through this scenario before. We have never endured this kind of crazy lockdown for health and safety and the county officials were unclear in their messaging and communication in regards to, travel restrictions and actions for tourists. 

This was a great opportunity for me to help my clients and deliver them value. After some investigating, I was able to give them a clear direction of the predicted prohibited travel in the months to come and how they could safely leave. I’ve been receiving additional exposure through my emails. I’ve mentioned this before, but recently my emails have produced a lot of positive reactions and responses. My clients are now forwarding my COVID-19 emails to other second homeowners!

This is the best form of marketing I could have asked for and it’s happening without me having to spend a penny! This is a prime example of how you can earn the trust and authority from other clients and mutual acquaintances easily!


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