How Is A Scuba Diving Business Similar To Our Real Estate Business?

A little while back, I had gone on vacation to Fiji with my wife and learned a few lessons about attracting our dream clients.  We met a guy named Dee who was a coordinator of a scuba diving group there and had a dive shop back in Oregon. I asked him to tell me about his group a little bit and he stated they were all from different parts of the world and met in Fiji. They do four to six trips a year. Some are repeating customers, and some are brand new. He’s able to attract his dream clients.

They all have scuba diving in common, but I did notice it wasn’t just that. They all were very helpful and nice people. I like to say birds of a feather flock together. This is their passion. I said, “So, these people that are from different parts of the world and have never met you, are trusting you to come to Fiji on their scuba diving vacation?” He said YUP. This shocked me!

So, how does he do that? He told me he puts out a newsletter, articles, has a website, blog postings and communicates about the different trips they do. It’s not just about the remote destination of where they go, it’s about the experience. Dee coordinates all the logistics and planning. He makes a checklist of all the different details for their trip. He really wants a good experience for his clients. I found this very interesting and realized this is just like our real estate agent business. 

Whether it’s a buyer or seller, there’s a checklist. There’s a lot of different things that we can do to make the experience a smooth one and one that’s successful at the end. We then ask our clients for testimonials and to refer us. And Dee’s business is very much word of mouth as well. He focuses a lot on the marketing to attract the people he wants to do business with. He doesn’t just want anyone that’s a scuba diver. He wants to make sure the group is compatible.

It was clear he used online and offline strategies. I asked people from his group how they heard of Dee and many stated, “Oh, my friends”. And then some didn’t know anyone. They looked at the testimonials and the references and then decided on a whim they were going to go on the trip.

It ended up being a great experience and I learned a lot! He was replicating some of the same strategies and systems that I use to build his business! In the end, we always want to make a smooth experience for our clients. There are so many ways that we can attract those dream clients online and offline in our business. So, get out there and learn new things, be brave and serve your clients at the highest level!

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