How gold medals and German shepherds play a role in real estate

Today I want to talk to you about gold medals and German shepherds. You may be asking yourself, what does that mean? Well, I am breaking down how people are motivated and specifically what motivates them. 

Tom Friess was a well known sales trainer and he wrote a book called, “question-based selling.” While I was a regional sales manager in the technology & software industry many years ago, I asked him to teach a training class at our office one day. He is very influential and a really sharp guy. Everyone learned a lot from him and he signed our copies of his book, which was awesome. I still have the copy on my shelf. 

In his book, he uses the reference of gold medals & German shepherds. The connection here is that people are motivated by two things. They are either running towards gold medals because they’re aspiring to be something greater, or they’re running away from a German shepherd because they are fearful. Not only are these two factors the primary reasons that we are motivated, but they are also the source of what drives people to make decisions.

This ideology is even more apparent with Coronavirus and everything else going on. There’s going to be a shift in people’s mindset and even more changes in their life. The question for you is, how are you going to execute your marketing a little bit differently to incorporate this gold metal and German shepherd phenomenon? People are going to make decisions a little bit differently and probably a little bit more defensively. 

You need to be changing and aligning your marketing message in response to what is going on in the world and how you think your clients will be reacting. Be prepared to protect your clients and be on the offensive side of the real estate game. Figure out what is motivating your clients and what you are motivated by, so that you can serve your clients at the highest level. 

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