How capturing leads is similar to fly fishing

Aside from acquiring new clients, I emphasize a lot on lead generation and target marketing because it allows you to grasp a better understanding of your dream client. Over the weekend I went fly fishing and couldn’t help but notice how target marketing and the notions of fly fishing are very similar. 

For instance, when you go fishing, you have to choose the right environment and the right river. You want the river you choose to house an abundance of fish that you know will take the bait. Think of your marketing pool as the river, the marketing itself as the bait, and your clients as the trout. Ask yourself, Who do you want to capture? Who do you want to try and reel in? What client do you want to work with? 

After you have gone through these motions, you need to figure out what kind of fly you need to lure in the fish, or what kind of marketing you need to execute to attract your dream clients? It could vary given the environment, time, or day. For instance, your current marketing approach may mean that you incorporate COVID-19 and what the reactions or concerns are of buyers and sellers in your local market. What is it that’s going to attract your dream client to want to work with you?

Although you may have picked the right fly, trout also enjoy a lot of additional flies and other bugs that may not be the one you chose. Similarly to marketing, you have to be patient and wait for the results after you have lowered your rod into the river. This is why it’s noteworthy to put the detail into tying the fly or tweeking the presentation of your marketing, so it looks legitimate to the fish.  

It’s very important that we create premium content and that we present it properly in our real estate business to our audiences. For instance, there’s so many pockets of water in a river that the fish are generally going to be in a place where the food is going to come to them. This way they don’t have to use a lot of energy to get it.

Similarly to our buyers and sellers, apply this idea of fishing to real estate. Where are they congregating in the market online and offline?  Think about the places they live such as, gated communities, neighborhood clubs they may be a part of, or other  involvement groups that they belong to. Consider which philanthropic organizations or associations they are interested in. Maybe they are big fans and contributors of the arts?

There’s a lot of different things that you can do to put yourself in a position to attract your dream client and align with them. You might get nibbles and you might attract potential new clients to your fly, but this is where it gets tricky. Can you reel them in? Thankfully that’s where your real estate agent skills come into play. You want to focus on putting systems in place so you can routinely be successful at reeling in your dream clients!


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