Go above and beyond

Today we’re going to talk about the importance of working with co-op agents in your real estate market. Not only do I emphasize how its crucial to attract affluent clients that want to work with you in your market, but I’m also addressing how it’s crucial to attract top agents in your MLS market to work with in you!

Once we have listings, we want to attract other agents to our open houses and showings. Maintaining relationships with competing agents is beneficial because we can exchange information that allows our buyers and sellers to make better informed decisions.

Its a win-win situation for the buyer, the representing agent, and the listing agent.Although negotiations are a part of the real estate business, it’s very important that you’re cordial with the other agents in your market. For instance, if a client asked to tour a home and you know there were a couple of agents in your area that you definitely do not want to work with, or thought of an agent you’ve had a bad experience with before, you’re probably not going show the houses those agents are listing.
Trust me when I say your clients will appreciate when you go above and beyond to make the transaction a breeze.

Today I came into the office and had a nice card from another agent saying, “you’re awesome, dear Chris, thank you so much for all your help with this transaction.”This is an example of how other agents appreciate working with agents they get along with in their market.

So don’t be that agent that people kick off of their list.You won’t get as many showings or listings. I think this it’s super beneficial that you are an agent in your market that is able to cooperatively work with the other agents.
Have a speculator day!