Earn more business by building relationships

Today I want to share with you the importance of understanding who your dream client really is and why marketing yourself to align with your dream client is significant. I’m getting ready to put a beautiful home with a spectacular location on the market. It was finished by an outstanding builder with quality designs, and it’s going to be listed for a little over $3 million.

I have developed a great friendship with this client and enjoy doing business with them. I’m sure there are certain clients that you really like to do business with as well. I challenge you to take a step backwards and try to unravel how your clients came to you and why they approached you to be their representative agent.Ask yourself, how did they become your client and what were the things that you did to win them over?

A number of years ago, I had a listing for a fly fishing property and this particular client contacted me on behalf of their friend. They were in town and they wanted to look at the property, so naturally I met with the couple. We toured the property, all on behalf of their friend suggesting me. We started to build a relationship. Although I had showed them a number of properties, it actually took about two years from the time I met them until the made the decision to they actually purchased a home.

I was able to do this because I made it a point to buy them dinner when they were in town. I included the couple in my monthly newsletter and market report each month. I was building up my credibility and authority, which was a level of expertise in their mind. I was a specialist in my market and not only did I aligned with them, but I aligned with their interests as well. Since them we have become very good friends. 

We’ve had the opportunity to play golf together, fly fishing and I’ve even been to their ranch in Texas. ranch that this client leases. The point being that aligning with your dream clients is about building a relationship and ultimately, earning their business.When you work with people that you don’t want to work with, it feels like a job because it’s not fun.If you identify who your dream clients are, then you will be more likely to get the opportunity to work with people that you want to work with.

Start looking at the things that you like to do, your interests, your passions, your target market, and where you want to do business. This will allow you to narrow down who those dream clients really are!

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