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Real Estate System Secrets has created a state-of-the-art platform with Tools, Templates, Training, and Done For You Programs to help real estate agents to access the information they need to succeed.

Our Members Area allows You to get instant access to the premium content we create and publish for you or with you. We provide complete training materials and valuable step by step systems on how to leverage the Niche Marketing Program so you can Attract the Affluent Clients who you want to work with – and Build a Sustainable Real Estate Business.

Chris has over 35 years of sales and marketing experience, he wakes up every day and goes to work as a Real Estate Agent just like you. Chris uses these secret systems in his business and is among the top 1% of Real Estate Agents – his systems work. You get the opportunity to work with Chris’ team, and to copy Chris’ systems. Learn directly from Chris – at your own pace.

If you are interested in our Niche Marketing
Done For You Program Options


Your Local Real Estate Market Report:

What is the #1 Question that people as You
as a real estate agent?”

“How is the <local> real estate
market doing?”

Your Niche Real Estate Market Report answers this question. And will become the core fundamental of your success.

Your Market Report is one of the key building blocks for your strategy to Attract, Connect and Align with Your Dream Clients.

If you are interested in our Niche Marketing
Done For You Program Options


Real Estate System Secrets: We provide proven niche marketing services via people, processes, platforms and tools to help YOU – the experienced residential real estate agents to attract and convert your dream clients and build a sustainable real estate business into the future.

The Real Estate Agent’s Challenge:

All businesses and real estate agents need marketing to help them generate new clients. The majority of seasoned real estate agents struggle to leverage current technology to market themselves and consistently generate new clients.

NAR Stats show us that 90%+ of Buyers and Sellers are looking on-line prior to Buying or Selling, and that the Majority (over 70%) of Real Estate Agents do not leverage current technology, a website and social media effectively to generate leads.

Technology is changing how we live, shop, communicate, and market.

Everyone has a computer and an iPhone or an Android smartphone with internet access. Like it or not – Everyone is on-line all day every day. We are witnessing a rapid change and decline in the print media industry, shopping malls, movie theaters and the advent of streaming TV over the internet. Our cars are connected, our smart homes are connected, our social networks are connected, it is changing rapidly, and is not going away.

Problem or opportunity? Most real estate agents
are frozen.

The agents who view this as a problem are either so successful that their word-of-mouth reputation shields them (for now) from a declining market share – or they are experiencing declining market share.

There are many successful agents who have experience and tenure who see changing technology as an opportunity – but are unsure how to capitalize on the this.

Real Estate Agents are busy doing real estate stuff, and then on to the next transaction… Business planning and marketing are typically on the list – just don’t make it to the top of the list.

Most agents do not understand who they want to do business with (Dream Client), are not serving a niche Target Market, do not differentiate themselves with their unique interests and Passion, and lack the time, knowledge and skills to execute a consistent Marketing plan to build a consistent future business.

The Value of The Niche Marketing Program:

NAR stats say a lead on average converts at .07 – 1.5%…the leads I bring in convert at 30% – 50%. This is because by the time prospective clients contact me, they have normally already selected me.  

Why? Because prospective clients see my market report and the things I publish online and they see that I am an Expert, I am an Authority, I am Credible – and they Trust me to handle their real estate needs. 

Your Market Report will become a core building block for generating leads.  It works for you online – 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Even when you are sleeping, on vacation, with other clients, or spending time with your family. It continues to bring you leads, not just of any leads, but quality leads – it delivers leads like a conveyor belt with your “dream clients”.  

This is why we created the Done For You Real Estate Agent Marketing Program. To take the same systems I am using in my business and create premium content for you. 

We build and publish a custom market report for your market. And our team repurposes your Market Report online so you stand out as an Expert and Authority in your real estate market. I want to help agents like you completely dominate your market, become a top agent, and have a consistent flow of affluent clients. The benefit to all of this though, is that it frees up you time to actually be a real estate agent, spend more time with your clients, or your family and friends doing the things you love – and you get to live your dream.

This program is game-changing, my team takes your real estate business to the next level and beyond… click on the button below to learn more so we can understand if you would be a good fit.


We help Real Estate Agents to Live The Dream to Attract and Serve their Dream Clients so they can Build a Sustainable Business

Would You like Me and My Team to Help you Set-up
and Implement the Core Systems so You can stop Cold Calling,
and start Building a Successful
and Sustainable Real Estate Business
and Have Clients call You Today?


Who is this for: “Your Done For You” program is for you if you are a real estate who does not want to hassle with any set-up, integration or ongoing tech issues, and you want our Niche Marketing Team at Real Estate System Secrets to create and publish premium content for you. You understand that you will be helping us help you, by providing us images and ideas/input for articles. We will create a 52-week content calendar and provide you with notifications to Fact-Check the articles and premium content. Our team will be setting-up, creating and publishing to your Blog, Social Media, and Newsletter your premium Niche Marketing Market Report.

Who is this for: Your Done With You” program is for you if you are a real estate who does not want to hassle with any set-up, integration or ongoing tech issues, and you want to work side-by-side with the Niche Marketing Team at Real Estate System Secrets. You understand that you will be creating, and publishing content weekly. You will be getting weekly content calendar notifications and pre-written articles that you will “localize” with text and images for your target market and alignment with your dream clients. Our team will be setting-up, creating and delivering to you – your premium Niche Marketing Market Report.

Who is this for: Your Training and Tools Program is for you if you are a real estate agent who has desire to learn, and want to carve out the necessary time, and have the interest to learn all aspects of how to create and publish your content on a consistent basis. We will build the framework for you – and provide the detailed training and accountability necessary for you to add the finishing touches.

Real Estate System Secrets Is The Future of Real Estate Agent Marketing

There is no reward for second place… Sellers only hire one real estate agent to List their home (unless it is a co-listing), and Buyers only sign a Buyer Agency Agreement with one agent.

As real estate agents Need to be top of mind with prospective clients and differentiate ourselves among other agents. We accomplish this with new Systems off-line to build relationships – and on-line to efficiently leverage current technology.

We tell our story, leverage our passions, and provide value by creating valuable content for our Dream Clients. We put our clients first and our commissions last and serve clients at the highest level.

When You wake up every day and employ repeatable systems you have the time to spend more time with your clients, your family, your friends and have fun. Start replacing stress with purpose, and act with confidence. You do get to live Your Dream!

“Without CLIENTS, Nothing Else Matters.”
 – Chris Kopf



“If You Have Proven Systems to Deliver
a Steady Flow of CLIENTS who Call YOU,
Then You Have a Sustainable
Real Estate Agent Business.”
 – Chris Kopf

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